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Find the latest Latino Networks Coalition (LNC) news and event updates. LNC is comprised of leading Fortune 500 Latino Business Resource Groups focused on building leaders & supporting communities we serve in the global marketplace.

Combining Knowledge and Talent
The modern world, with globalized societies, fierce competition, and barriers to accessing resources, demands high levels of effectiveness and creativity. Creating great ideas and innovative processes takes more than imagination. It takes exploration, research, knowledge, talent, strategy and audacity– to create unique programs to explore different possibilities and make a difference. The Latino Networks Coalition (LNC) will work together to capitalize on the strength of its partnership to support and empower our Latino community.

The coalition works passionately to innovate ideas that will benefit our community by helping Latinos and Hispanics remain professionally competitive in the labor market. We will enhance our creativity with research, knowledge and talent to combine innovative ideas while leveraging resources to create new and effective solutions and programs that give us a competitive advantage.

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