About LNC

About Us
The Latino Networks Coalition (LNC) is comprised of Latino business resource groups across top Fortune 500 U.S. companies. The LNC has been established to help increase opportunities for Latinos and Hispanics inside and outside the corporate environment. The coalition passionately supports its businesses and growth objectives by creating an environment that recognizes and embraces cultural diversity, while creating new opportunities for leadership and professional development through active involvement in and awareness of the communities it serves.

LNC Inaugural
The LNC was established by JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte and Thomson Reuters. The coalition was launched with additional partners including American Express, Bank of America, Citibank, Credit Suisse and The New York Times. JPMC Global Philanthropy’s partnership with the “El Museo del Barrio” enabled the LNC to host its inaugural event at El Museo during Hispanic Heritage Month on October 4, 2010.

Areas of Focus: Pillars

  • Community Engagement & Outreach
  • Education & Cultural Awareness
  • Leadership & Professional Development
  • Marketplace Intelligence & Innovation


  • Collaborate through leadership in professional development, community outreach, multi-cultural marketing, education and awareness programs.
  • Align our respective company programs and initiatives with the Latino Networking Coalition’s diversity goals and share best practices.
  •  Leverage the powerful traction of Latino social, economic, cultural, and political influence to benefit our group’s position in the market.
  • Increase diverse representation through volunteerism and leadership, supporting our non-profit partners in the communities we serve.


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