LNC Strategic Objectives

Develop – Empower – Innovate – Lead

1. Strengthen LNC Best Practice Model & Partnership

  • Act as a resource “Think Tank” for firms for Diversity & BRG best practices.
  • Provide governance model & strategic oversight for LNC partners. Assist current partners by sharing best practices.
  • Develop deeper relationship with LNC partner organizations across lines of business.
  • Partner with LNC partners to establish clearer processes and communications around BRGs.
  • Establish new LNC charter chapters such as Chicago and Dallas.

2. Promote Professional Development

  • Develop leadership programs to showcase Global Latino Leadership, focus on higher education & expansion of Latino talent pipeline, and promote awareness of key industry sectors, global marketplace trends, and innovative platforms.
  • Drive creation and availability of key programs including MBA Forum and CEO Roundtable to expand professional development capabilities and promote cross-functional skills for LNC members.
  • Promote skills & leadership training to BRG members, leveraging existing opportunities via LNC partners and marketplace.

3. Promote Latino & Hispanic Talent 

  • Continue to partner with firms to promote internal and external opportunities – build leaders and support top Latino talent pipeline. Showcase Latino leaders making a difference across industries.
  • Support build of C-suite and board level opportunities for Latinos by partnering with orgs such as HACR, iHispano, NCRLR, etc.
  • Promote awareness of career opportunities for bi-lingual Spanish talent at all levels – from analyst to C-suite.
  • Leverage LNC & BRG sponsored events to build awareness of leadership programs, promote career opportunities and showcase events hosted by ALPFA, HACR, HPNG, NSHMBA, SCIP, SHPE, etc.

4. Reinforce Community Outreach, Arts & Education

  • Work with Global Philanthropy’s Employee Engagement & Volunteerism teams to align LNC’s partner organizations with LNC projects and events across our footprint.
  • Partner with leading non-profit and public sector orgs to move forward our strategic mission to empower our Latino community and drive change. Partners including CUNY, Hispanic Federation, HACR, iHispano, Ballet Hispanico, Dzul Dance, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and others.

5. Raise awareness of Latino & Hispanic Market Opportunity 

  • Partner with lead organizations responsible for promoting opportunities for businesses to capitalize on Latino/Hispanic market growth. Educate our population on new market research and ways they can leverage resources to gain competitive advantage (i.e., multi-cultural marketing strategy).
  • Participate in leading national conventions & forums, (i.e., US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, NCLR, ALPFA National Convention, New America Alliance National Summit, etc.), Cross-BRG events.

6. Amplify Communications

  • Improve LNC senior management engagement in local markets to support LNC chapter leadership & members.
  • Target larger audiences to raise awareness for events, news, education opportunities and benefits of being part of LNC.
  • Continue to leverage LNC LinkedIn site as a valuable resource for information and news.

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