LNC Board

LNC Board Executive Sponsors & BRG Leaders

JPMorgan Chase – LNC Vision Leads
Lead Executive Business Sponsors: Carlos Hernandez – Head of CIB Global Bank, Daniel Pinto – CEO of CIB and Patricia David – Global Emeritus Diversity Executive
LNC Founder Company | Lead Founder: Jessica K. Asencio  |  BRG Leader: Don Perez

Lead Executive Business Sponsor: Andres Castillo – Diversity Executive
BRG Leaders: Yvette Martinez & Nicole Macias

American Express
Lead Executive Business Sponsor: Valerie Grillo – Chief Diversity Executive
LNC Founder Company | BRG Leaders: Robert Garcia, Ingrid Lorenzo & Natalie Moreno

Bank of America
Lead Executive Business Sponsor: Geri Thomas – Chief Diversity Executive
LNC Founder Company | Co-Founder:  Patricia Pacheco-Baez  |  BRG Leaders: Daniela Vega & Silvana Vargas

Bank of New York Mellon
Lead Executive Business Sponsors: Diana Perez, Orley Pacheco & Morgan Vasquez – Diversity Partners

BNP Paribas
Lead Executive Business Sponsor: Marcelo Delmar – Managing Director, Debt Capital Markets LATAM
BRG Leaders:  Rose Navarro & Gloria Sanchez

Lead Executive Business Sponsor: Diversity Executive
LNC Founder Company | Co-Founder: Jeffrey Toromoreno  | BRG Leaders: Carolina Caballero & Danny Mauricio Marin

Credit Suisse
Lead Executive Business Sponsor: Michelle Gadsden-Williams  |  LNC Founder Company | Co-Founder & BRG Leader: Dora Abreu

Lead Executive Business Sponsors: Kelvin Womack – Diversity Managing Principal; Roger Arrieux – Partner & Diversity Leader
Lead Founder Company | BRG Leaders: Cristel Gomez, Marco Fuentes & Tara Wensel

Lead Executive Business Sponsor: William Hawthorne – VP Diversity Strategies  | LNC Founder Company | BRG Leaders:  Karol Hoey & Natalie Serrano

Citrin Cooperman
Lead Executive Business Sponsor: Alex Reyes – Partner & Head of Financial Services

Lead Executive Business Sponsor: Claudia Vasquez – Senior Diversity Leader Diversity & Inclusion Leader: Justin Reyes
BRG Leaders: Rosmery Osuna & Eusebio Perez

The New York Times
Lead Executive Business Sponsors: Chief Diversity Executive/Business Sponsor
(Founder former Chief Diversity Exec Desiree Dancy)
BRG Leader: Theresa Gonzalez

Thomson Reuters
Lead Executive Business Sponsor: Blanca Cofino – SVP Human Resources & Diversity LNC Founder Company | Lead Founder & BRG Leader: Alicia Garcia

Lead Executive Business Sponsor: Michelle Gadsden-Williams
BRG Leader: Emanuel Giumarra

LNC Executive Board & Founders

  • Chair: Jessica K. Asencio, JPMorgan Chase & Co. – CAO Global Markets
  • Co-Chair: Alicia Garcia, Thomson Reuters – Program Manager
  • Kyle Barrios, former Deloitte Director
  • Alberto Flores, XP Contractors Inc. – President
  • Patricia Pacheco-Baez, Bank of America – Executive Director
  • Jeffrey Toromoreno, Citibank – Senior Vice President


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